Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder with 18 Custom Grinds, Silver, BMH23

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    Used item grade A condition - may show minimal signs of used fully tested, original box included

    Used item grade A condition - may show minimal signs of used fully tested, original box included
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    Why Brew With Fresh Ground Beans?




    Freshest Flavor

    Unlock the delicious characteristics of the roast right before brewing.

    Richer Aroma

    As coffee brews, its richness, complexity, and freshness slowly unfolds.

    Better Taste

    Extract the fullest flavor and enjoy the truest taste as it's meant to be.

    Consistency Of Grounds:

    The Burr Mill is designed for premium performance to uniformly grind whole beans to consistent, customized coffee grounds. 18 grind settings will produce everything from coarse all the way to very fine grounds necessary for Espresso brewing. In addition, unlike traditional blade grinders, burr mill technology doesn't generate heat, maintaining the original characteristics of the coffee bean.

    Hands Free Operation:

    Simply choose settings and then the Burr Mill grinds automatically for fast, convenient and fresh grounds.

    Custom Grind

    1. Choose Grind Size -

    Select from 18 pre-programmed settings to create fine, medium or coarse grounds.

    2. Select How Much -

    Choose exactly how much to grind, from 4 to 18 cups, with the Cup Size Auto-Selection setting. Once you have your grounds, the grinder automatically shuts off.

    3. Easy Cleaning -

    Removable chamber and combination coffee scoop/mini-brush are included to make clean up quick and easy.

    Customized Grounds For Each Brewing Method

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