Chefs Knives Paring Knife Forged Stainless Steel Construction

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A Cut Above Cutlery Paring Knife Forged Stainless Steel Construction, Slip Resistant Grip, 3.5 Inch Blade Holds Edge Well So You Sharpen Less Often. Peel, Core, Prep, Fruit, Veggies and Sushi


A BLADE THAT STAYS SHARP LONGER AND A HANDLE THAT KEEPS YOU SAFER OR YOUR MONEY BACK - Our paring knife is forged from a single piece of stainless steel, meaning the handle cannot become wobbly or loose from the blade, and it's covered with a spp-resistant ABS 430 coating that helps you retain your grip, even on freshly washed produce.

SAVE MONEY AND TIME, SHARPEN YOUR KNIVES LESS OFTEN - All A Cut Above Cutlery knives, including our paring knife, hold an edge well over time, meaning you'll make fewer trips to the professional knife sharpener. Over the course of a year, most people sharpen their knives 3 or 4 times- and at up to $5 per knife for professional sharpening, that adds up pretty quickly.

100% HYGENIC CONSTRUCTION KEEPS YOU SAFE - Unpke knives with wooden or spongy handles that soak up and retain bacteria and other food borne illnesses, our knife is absolutely safe from these unfortunate but common kitchen hazards. Just hand wash your paring knife in hot soapy water after use and dry before putting it away and you (along with your friends and family) will be completely safe.

MAKE BETTER LOOKING FOOD AND SAVE ON YOUR GROCERY BILL - Our paring knife will help you improve your fine knife skills by letting you make more precise and nimble cuts than you could with a Chef's Knife. Your food will look better than ever, and you'll waste a lot less by getting the most out of every ingredient- saving you money at the grocery store every month.


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