28 Classic Films: The East Side Kids V.1 with bonus Our Gang

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Ghosts On The Loose 
Muggs (Leo Gorcey), Glimpy (Huntz Hall) and the rest of the gang go to the wrong house—an old mansion held by Nazi spies. With all the secret passageways&nmdash;are the Nazis chasing the East Siders, or are the Kids chasing them?! 

That Gang Of Mine 
Muggs Maloney convinces an old stable hand who owns a racehorse, to train him as a jockey. Muggs turns out to be a terrible horseman. When a wealthy investor offers to race the thoroughbred with a different rider, Muggs bitterly plots to sabotage the rival jockey's chances at winning the race. 

Mr. Wise Guy 
One of the boys' brothers is framed for murder. Hoping to prove his innocence—the Kids break out of the reform school and go in search of the Wise Guy with the stolen truck—a henchman of the gangster who framed the Kid's brother. 

Bowery Blitzkrieg 
Danny (Bobby Jordan) is in danger of going bad under the influence of a hustler. Danny is banned from a Golden Gloves title fight and replaced with his buddy Muggs. 

'Neath Brooklyn Bridge 
The East Side Kids come to the aid of a terrified girl found in the apartment of a murdered man. When one of the Kids mistakenly touches the murder weapon, the Kids race against time to find the killer's identity before the blame falls on them. 

Pride Of The Bowery 
Muggs looks for a new training camp for the boxing championship. When it turns out to be a Conservation Corps camp, Muggs stays to make some cash. When his friend at the camp steals money to help his mother, Muggs covers for his pal—and catches the blame for the crime instead. 

Million Dollar Kid 
When Muggs and the rest of the gang rescue a wealthy businessman from a group of young hooligans, it turns out that one of the thugs is the victim's own son. The East Side Kids attempt to set the youngster straight. 

Boys Of The City 
On a camping trip, Knuckles and the East Side Kids stop to help stranded motorists, a judge and his ward. At the judge's creepy mansion, they encounter a sinister housekeeper. When the judge is found murdered and Louise missing, the Kids search for the girl and unveil the killer as well. 

Clancy Street Boys 
Muggs wealthy Uncle Pete is coming to town, who has been led to believe by Muggs' mom that he has been sending money to support seven fatherless children. Muggs enlists the East Side Kids to keep up appearances. Pete almost falls for the trick. But after he is kidnapped and they come to his rescue, all is forgiven. 

The East Side Kids (The Movie) 
Police Detective Pat O'Day is on a mission to keep a group of slum kids from going bad. Danny Dolan, one of the gang leaders, has a brother in prison for a murder he did not commit. Framed and demoted for getting too close to the truth, Pat, Danny and gang won't stop until they get the killer or he gets them. 

Little Tough Guy 
After his father is put to death for a murder he did not commit, Johnny embarks on a life of crime. Along with Pig, String, Sniper, Dopey, and Cyril, Johnny plots a robbery that results in the capture of three of the Dead End Boys and the death of Pig. 

Spooks Run Wild 
At summer camp The East Side Kids are warned of a murderous monster and encounter a mysterious magician (Bela Lugosi) and his sidekick . A mystery writer and monster expert leads the East Siders to a sinister mansion where Pee-Wee disappears. Muggs and the rest of the boys corner the killer. 

Our Gang 
You're sure to laugh until you cry when you watch your favorite characters and their hilarious antics in these must-see classic features.

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