Flight to Nowhere with 4 Bonus Movies: Airborne / Death Flight / The Cold Equations (DVD)

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Flight to Nowhere 
Private pilot Hobe Carrington (Alan Curtis) doesn't know he's dealing with a group of money-hungry passengers who'll do anything to get hold of the map to a uranium site—including kill for it. 

When an elite Mach One team leader is accused of being a double agent, he must clear his name and apprehend the mastermind behind the sabotage before a deadly biological weapon lands in the wrong hands. Starring Sean Bean, Kim Coates, Steve Guttenberg and Colm Feore

Death Flight 
On an experimental trip from New York to Paris, Captain Jim Walsh (Robert Reed) will try for the world record flight time. But that's all about to change when mechanical sabotage and a deadly outbreak threaten the lives of everyone on board. 

The President's Plane Is Missing 
When Air Force One mysteriously disappears off the radar with the President on board, government officials begin to panic. Now the fate of the nation lies in the hands of the vice president. Can the second in command handle this first-rate disaster? Starring Buddy Ebsen and Peter Graves

Cold Equations 
While on a risky mission to a far-off planet, a by-the-books military pilot discovers a beautiful stowaway. When they realize that they can't land with both of them on board, the two race to prevent their own deaths. Starring Bill Campbell and Poppy Montgomery.

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